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Regional Danish film fund FilmFyn first partner on board to fund tv-series development of Carsten Jensen’s best-selling novel ‘We, The Drowned’

Regional Danish film fund FilmFyn announces during Cannes Film Festival to be the first partner on board to fund the development of Carsten Jensen’s best-selling novel ‘We, The Drowned’ into an English language TV series with Marlowfilm, Denmark.

The announcement comes 8 years after the Scandinavian classic was voted ‘Best Novel in the Last 25 Years’ by Jyllands-Posten (Denmark) 2009 and since then has enjoyed a great number of worldwide readers, particularly in The U.S.

Marlowfilm is developing the novel into an 8 part TV episodic. The producers are lining up a blend of established international talent for all creative roles while maintaining a Danish sensibility in their production methods. A significant portion of the filming will take place on the island of Æro in Denmark, which is home to the main characters in the story.

Producers Deborah Bayer Marlow and Mikael Windelin are currently in Cannes seeking financial and creative partners.

About the book

Vi, de druknede
(We, the Drowned)
Gyldendal, Copenhagen, 2006

Translated to over 20 languages
More than 600,000 copies in print worldwide
Bestseller No 1 in all Danish lists
Longlisted for the 2012 International Impac Dublin Literary Award
Selected for “Best Novels of 2011” by the Wall Street Journal
Paperback of the Year 2011 by The Independent
Nominated for Montana Litteraturpris (Danish), Weekendavsens Litteraturpris 2006 (Danish) and Berlingske Tidendes Litteraturpris (Danish), Winner of Danske Banks Litteraturpris 2007 and P2 Romanprisen 2007 (Danish).
Voted Best Novel in the Last 25 Years by Jyllands-Posten 2009.

For further information contact:

Marlowfilm Productions

Deborah Bayer Marlow
Creative Producer
tel: +45 2065 7095

Mikael Windelin
Executive Producer
tel: +45 2634 6032


Bo Damgaard
tel: +45 4030 9978